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Issue 1: Summer 2020

There are so many diverse creatives from all over the world that are underreported, under-discussed, and underappreciated from top-name media sites. These media sites have the world at their fingertips with social media at its height and have the opportunity to acquire these fresher voices yet choose not to.

Throughout the creation of Ruin, we knew that we would need more than just a digital space to showcase these amazing individuals. Here at RUiN, we are firm believers that no matter how much digital begs to conquer, print is not yet dead. There’s no better thrill than seeing your work in a print magazine and being able to touch every single image, and this is a feeling we hope every artist in this journey gets to feel through our very first issue.

Ruin is one part DIY Zine, one part fashion magazine, and 100 percent you! So pour yourself a drink, get comfy, and blast your favorite tunes. You’re in for a wild ride.