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How are people coping with life in a pandemic?

Artists, musicians, photographers, etc tell us their stories of self-love, creativity, and just how to handle the stress of it all.  No matter the circumstances, creatives now more than ever have been trialing unique ways to innovate non-traditional spins on traditional events.


Our world has been forced to move from half digital to entirely digital basically overnight, so how have artists, designers, models, stylists, and photographers been adapting?


Live Streams, masks, and social distancing are only minor roadblocks. RUiN Mag’s latest issue touches on trends that combine the way people connect their feelings about the world we live in today with the clothing they wear. Between a global pandemic, a country burning to flames in racial injustices, and a presidential election, our minds are scattered, and mix-matched, print-layered outfits have been reflecting that more and more.


Shooting in a local neighborhood, this issue defines what can truly be done using personal resources and working from home. 

Issue 2: Fall 2020