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The Anniversary Edition


We did it folks, one full rotation around the sun and somehow we didn’t blow anything up in the process. I’d call that a victory, wouldn’t you?
While a global pandemic is nothing to celebrate, without the time off from work and a minor (ok, major) postgrad crisis, our dreams of starting a magazine would have never happened. Not only did we turn 1, but we also accomplished a lot this past year that is worthy of celebrating, including:

  • Creating four print issues totally by scratch

  • Reaching nearly 1000 followers on Instagram (aka 19 a week!)

  • Launching a merch line 

  • Hiring a whole staff of amazing and incredibly talented people <3

  • Getting a custom domain (and stopped getting shadowbanned!) 

With all that under our belts, we knew we had to throw the party of the month--no the party of the year--COVID safe of course. This is why we jam-packed the issue with everything you need to throw the perfect solo party. From a killer playlist to advice on how to celebrate during a pandemic, we got it all. Now pop a bottle of your favorite champagne (or anything bubbly) and celebrate. Whether it is a birthday, a special event, or just a random Tuesday, you made it through another year and that alone is always worth celebrating.

Issue 4: Party