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Art Director


Gregg Casazza is a recent Communication Journalism graduate, currently working in copyediting in MA. He has worked for a number of magazines in Boston and Florence, as well as several online publications. You can often find Gregg working on his Celine Dion impression, singing to his dog Izzy, or some combination of both. He is also famously single, but feels confident that “this will be his year.”



Social Media Manager


Emma Ingenohl is going into her senior year at Lasell University where she will begin her role as Lead Stylist for POLISHED Magazine. Emma is a Fashion Communications major and spends most of her days designing, altering, and styling clothes. She someday aspires to own a company that supplies other fashion brands all over the world with sustainable resources.

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Graphic Designer


Ashley Burke is a graduate of Lasell University where she studied Fashion Communication & Promotion and minored in Graphic Design and Photography. Since a young age, Ashley has always had a passion for both fashion and creativity. When she’s not working on building her portfolio, you will most likely find her searching through the racks at thrift stores or on her way to get her guilty pleasure which is basically any kind of fast food.

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Staff Writer


Emma Burkard graduated from Siena College in Albany, NY where she studied English, Writing and Communications and was Editor-in-Chief for the school’s Her Campus chapter. She has been working on fashion-related projects since she was young, whether it be sewing or painting her own clothes, writing on her blog, or directing and styling photoshoots with friends. Emma is always on an adventure, whether it be to a waterfall, art museum or the thrift store-- no matter where she goes, she’s guaranteed to have an iced coffee in hand and winged eyeliner on point.