As seen in our third print issue, available now!

I think there is something really revolutionary in the act of creating something new. Making something from nothing is a power, and this radical change stems from the creative thoughts in one’s head. It’s almost kind of like magic. It’s something that everyone has an opportunity to do. Your powers of creation could be in art, or music, or dance, or really anything, but we all have the capability to create something. This is how I try to approach every creative endeavor; I view each new piece of art or design as an opportunity to create something brand new, something that has never existed in the world before, and in that way, I can create a very simple revolution. While brainstorming for this piece I knew I wanted it to have a clear, concise, yet powerful message that sparks thought for the individual reading it. I hope that this piece gets you thinking because all my favorite pieces do just that. I hope it has you asking yourself: What can you create? What ideas do you have? What new things have you wanted to try? How can you change the future?

Being a creative in times like this is especially daunting, how can you make something when everything seems so hopeless? That’s been a struggle that I have dealt with in my own life first-hand, it’s been a year of “artist’s block” in a sense, and I am sure that many are experiencing things even more dramatically. All that is to say, that I hope to inspire others to come together and create something amazing, I don’t want to make others feel bad about their “creative output” but I want to encourage you to try to do one or two little things that flex your creativity and use that magic that we all have within ourselves. And I think that if we could all do that; we could create something really special.