A Definition of Revolution: Our Issue 3 Cover Story

As seen in our third print issue, available now!

Revolution is overturning something old in favor of something new.

Defining revolution is impossible, it's appearance is never the same.

It's listening to yourself and your surroundings...

Feeling for tension and finding the release.When creating a visual for the concept of revolution, I wanted to personify the transformation aspect. In life I feel that there is constant revolution happening on a small scale. It's the tiny fissures that eventually create an earthquake. I wanted to follow along the journey of breaking free of the shell that a capitalistic society molds us into starting at a very early stage in life. It is confusing and disheartening to unlearn what the world has already predetermined us to be. I feel that our generation as a whole has just begun to actively trying to undo the harmful expectations placed on us from the generations before.These photos are paying homage to our generations revolutionary spirit and those before us who challenged the status quo. Also to serve as a personal reminder that revolution starts on an individual level.

Garment by Sam Bettencourt @parkinginrear

Modeled by Ivy Desire @desiregrams

Photographed by Francelle Papailler