All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go, Our Issue 4 Cover Story

by Madison Paloski

As seen in Issue 4, available now!

For this issue, we wanted to bring the party...without the actual party. There are so many feelings of being shut-in due to the pandemic with no escape in sight. Comfortable sweats and oversized sweatshirts have taken over and made the fashion world almost obsolete within just a year. We’re here to change that. We want to be dressed to the nines...even if we have nowhere to go. The College Club in Boston provided the perfect location to make this dream come to life. The vintage-designed interiors and furniture helped make our party for one anything but boring.

Grab your best gloves and tights, a cupcake, and martini (or two), and throw on your best 80s playlist. You don’t need a room full of people to dance.


Creative Direction and Photography: Madison Paloski @maddiiiooyx

Modeling: Eleianet @eleianet

Styling: Madison Paloski @maddiiiooyx, Raegan Cleary @raegarific, Emma Pereira @emmapereirayo, and Emma Ingenohl @theevirgosun

Special thank you to Coconut Head @coconut_head____ and Lys the Label @lysthelabel for some of the clothes!