Being Okay with Imperfections

by Kellen McCracken

These photos are from the first-ever rolls of 35 mm film that I have ever developed. What I love about these photos is their imperfections, with some being out of focus or weird saturation and colors.

Being flawed or Imperfect has been a part of my life since I was a child who was diagnosed with ADHD, I have always felt different and that everything I ever did had something wrong with it. I never felt artistic or creative until I got into photography and I never thought photography would help me deal with my own problems. Until I got my first roll of 35 mm film developed and scanned back to me. I don’t know what I expected using at least 5-decade old cameras with no way to see if I was focused or overexposed, but when I saw the scans I felt defeated. Most were blurry unfocused pictures of my recent trip to Northern Arizona and of my house. I thought maybe I’m not artistic and it’s just another flaw I’ll have until I started looking at the pictures longer and picking out the things I like about each one. Picking out the flaws, that maybe aren’t so many flaws, makes me think differently and it’s helped me find the positives in myself.

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