Don't Force It.

By Jordyn Valencourt

“I strive to accentuate form and fashion in an organized composition full of color harmonies and attitude. Creating abstraction through experimental framing, posing, lighting, and the clothing itself. The most important thing is to never force it. It's about planning to an extent, and then reacting to what is happening at the moment.”

From a small town in central Massachusetts, Jordyn started out photography when she was given a small pink digital camera at the age of eight. She started how most start, taking pictures of small objects and flowers around the home, but started to grow a real passion for it. She decided to take her once hobby and chase a career path. In the last four years, she has been attending Endicott College as a BFA student with a focus in photography. She has worked in all areas of photography but found she was most interested in fashion. Ever since Jordyn can remember she loved clothes and how they can express so much about an individual. Spending hours in her room hand sewing clothing for her dolls and making mood boards from all of her mother's old fashion magazines. Once Endicott gave her the proper materials - a studio, models, a camera, and techniques, she decided to combine both her interests into one. Now, a graduating senior at Endicott College with a few internships under her belt, Jordyn is going to take what once was just for fun and generate a future career creating work for years to come.