How to Bring the Heat with Your Hot B*tch Summer ‘Fit

by Emma Burkard

As seen in our fifth print issue "Summer Heat", available now!

photography by Tomas Provencher (@tomprophoto)

Embodying the Summer Heat lifestyle is all about attitude. This summer we are hot b*tch confident, outspoken, carefree, ambitious, creative, and so much more. At RUiN, fashion is one of our favorite ways to express ourselves. Here’s a guide to putting together your ultimate Hot B*tch summer ‘fit— and we promise, it’s actually not all about how much skin you’re showing.


Adding sunglasses, hats, jewelry, etc. to your outfit is one of the best ways to elevate your summer look. When you can’t layer jackets and sweaters while out in the heat, you can add dimension to your look with accessories. The bolder the better— a small but powerful piece can make a simple outfit so much hotter! Sometimes, a hot b*tch accessory isn’t what you would think— maybe it’s your favorite book at the beach, a camera around your neck, or a water bottle keeping you hydrated (YES, hot b*tches hydrate).

Stand out.

Summer is the best time to wear loud colors and patterns. Hot b*tches get noticed, and they love it! Challenge yourself to wear the brightest colors, crazy prints, and wild pieces that might be out of your comfort zone but are things you really love. The confidence boost that comes from wearing a bold piece is unmatched!

Wear your thoughts.

Hot b*tches have important things on their mind and they want to be heard. Now that we can finally go out on the town again, we want to wear fun articles of clothing with phrases, quotes, and other words written on them for people to read. Maybe you want to stand up for a cause you believe in, make a political statement, support an artist, show off your favorite musician, or wear something with kind or inspiring words. Graphic tees, trucker hats with sayings, and beaded necklaces, and bracelets with letters on them are some of our favorite ways to share a message through your clothes this summer.

Get Creative.

Summer is the perfect time to get crafty and create totally unique pieces for yourself or support other creatives' work. What’s hotter than wearing something literally no one else has because it’s a one-of-a-kind? Bleaching or painting your jeans, diy’ing tops from an old t-shirt, sewing and flipping thrifted pieces, and going to the craft store to make your own jewelry are just a few ways you can express your creative mind through your outfit this summer. Making your own clothes or supporting the creations of other independent artists and designers will be sure to get your look noticed and make your outfit a conversation piece.

Nail Designs.

Funky nail art is arguably one of the most fun trends this summer. Your nails can be a way for you to totally express yourself in an artistic way. The possibilities are endless with your nails, whether you choose your favorite color, a swirly multicolor design, smiley faces, or something inspired by your favorite artist or designer. The best part is even if the rest of your look isn’t so “hot”— your nails can always be put together. Long or short nails, it doesn’t matter, just do whatever makes you happy!

Matching Sets.

Yes, hot b*tches love to make a statement, but they also want to look put together too. A matching set for the summer is the best way to create an outfit that looks so cohesive and fashionable. Matching sets can come in so many forms: a top and

skirt, a pants look, or a bathing suit with a matching sarong. You don’t even need to buy a matching set together to make one— just put together some pieces of the same color and congrats, you’re the most effortless looking hot b*tch on the street. Bonus points if you perfectly coordinate accessories, shoes, makeup, nails. Imagine how hot a head-to-toe matching look would be!

Be comfortable.

The most important way to feel and look like your hottest self is by wearing whatever makes you feel good! No hot b*tches outfit looks the same. If you love being trendy, wear all of the Pinterest trends! If you love showing skin this summer, rock a little bikini and cutout clothes. If you love wearing baggy pants and hoodies, wear them. If you feel fire when none of your clothes match, clash those patterns baby! If you feel the freest with no makeup or hair products, go out wherever you want like that. (And vice versa to all of these). The key to being the hottest possible version of yourself is making sure you feel amazing and comfortable in whatever you wear. Hot b*tches don’t compare their looks to other hot b*tches, they just do their own thing. Express yourself this summer and be true to what you love to wear because nothing is hotter than that.

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