How to Turn 21 in the Middle of a Pandemic (and Still Have Fun)

As seen in Issue 4, available now!

I always dreamed of turning 21. The glittery dresses, lip gloss, getting all done up to go out to some bar or club and get so wasted I forget my own name. Finally putting my fake ID to rest. Never did I picture a global pandemic taking over my and everyone else’s lives. Coronavirus has put a damper on nearly everyones’ plans in some way or another. Some people have lost more than others, but everyone has lost something. When these milestones pass us by in ways we could have never imagined, what does one do? Well firstly, cry it out. And then do everything in your power to still make it a memorable day.

Step 1- Mourn the fact that another milestone is passing you by while we are amidst a global pandemic.

Step 2- Accept the fact that everyone has lost so much, appreciate your health and youth, and commit to still trying to make it a great birthday.

Step 3- Decide where and how is the safest way for you to celebrate. Are you in an environment that allows for outdoor seating, and are you comfortable going out to eat? If yes, go on and have your first legal drink! If no to any of the above questions, throw yourself a little birthday bash at home.

Step 4- Round up your roommates, friends, or people in your circle who you can safely celebrate with.

Step 5- Attire. Wear something that is going to make you feel on top of the world. Whatever that may look like for you. If it’s sweats and a t-shirt, live it up. Or go all out and dress to to the nines! This day is about you.

Step 6- Whether celebrating at home, or going out for a (safe) drink, decor is important. Besides we need a cute background for an Insta pic right?! PartyCity will be your BFF. Would you want to miss an opportunity to pose with some 21 balloons? I didn’t think so. Step 7- No matter what your day looks like, remember to take it all in and appreciate all that you have. It is so easy to get caught up in all the losses, to feel beaten down by this pandemic, and the many other challenges we are faced with today. But with great loss can come extreme gratitude for everything that we take for granted. Take a moment to count your blessings and I can promise you it will be a birthday to remember