Introducing Nautics

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Despite self-identifying as ‘indie space rock’ New York City-based Nautics doesn’t want to be confined to one genre or sound. “We're very sort of like New York indie-centric but we really idolize pop artists,” said frontperson Kenzo Repola. From the conventional choices like Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes to the less expected like Charli XCX and 100 Gecs, Repola says the trick is pulling inspiration from many different places so no one can tell exactly what your influences are. “It's usually exactly like what we listened to two minutes ago,” bassist Van Cameron chimes in.

Formed in 2014, Nautics was the result of Repola seeing his friend perform and wanting to try it out for himself. Cameron served as the common link between the group which includes drummer Levitt Yaffe and Amir Brivanlou on keys.

Photo by @o0orii

While their lyrics are the dreamy, melodic vocals you’d expect from an indie band, it’s their funky-pop instrumentals that make Nautics stand out from the rest. Their latest single ‘Thoughts on the Ceiling’ could easily blend in with the genre-defying tunes on top 40 radio or with the vibey hits found on your local university station.

Not only are Nautics super talented, but they are also incredibly passionate about their local community, donating to causes like Equality for Flatbush and Foodbank For New York City.

According to Repola, it’s important to the band that they tear down the barrier between artist and fan. “It's our responsibility to help take care of those people because they're coming to our space in our house, and to make sure that we're, you know, respectful of them...So hopefully we can, you know, continue to live up to those standards and to make it so that anyone who comes to see us feels like they're in their own house.”

While the pandemic is still in full swing, Nautics aren’t putting too much pressure on themselves, and instead, want to take time to craft what they are working on. Make sure to check out their latest single ‘Thoughts on the Ceiling’ and presave their next single ‘Don’t Wanna Be Like This’ out on Jan. 15.