Make Way for Parade's 'Universal' Line

Since its launch in 2019, Parade has been known for its commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and environmentalism. The underwear brand promotes the idea that sexiness is multifaceted. To be sexy is to have a voice. And Parade chooses to use its platform to advocate for important causes such as sex education, access to birth control, size-inclusion, sustainability, and more.

The brand’s CEO, Cami Tellez is a young entrepreneur who understands the importance of brand narrative. Noticing her own generation’s (Generation Z) initiative towards bettering society and the world as a whole and at just 22-years old, she created a brand that’s driving values include lifting others. And the response has been equally as impressive. The brand has taken over Instagram with its campaigns and collabs. Their most recent collab with Juicy Couture received a lot of hype, with celebrities like Ashley Graham, Heidi Montag, and Lola Leon being featured in the campaign. Thousands of women and non-binary individuals receive PR packages from the brand in return for posting photos of the product on their various social media accounts to promote to their followers. Since their launch, they have sold to over 34,000 customers across the globe and their fanbase is growing daily.

Their latest strive towards producing ethical underwear is their ‘Universal’ line. The trademark of this new line is that the panties are completely carbon neutral. “The world’s first edgeless carbon-neutral underwear” as stated by Parade themselves. In other words, no carbon dioxide is emitted through the process of constructing the garments. Globally, the clothing industry is the second-largest polluter. Water pollution, water consumption, waste accumulation, and carbon emissions are some of the biggest negative impacts involved in producing clothes though there are many more.

Parade recognizes the damage caused by the industry and chooses to not be an active participant in any of it. Their most popular and most-used fabric is made of 85% recycled polyamide and completely free of harmful chemicals that pollute the waters and can be toxic to the skin. Not only this, but their packaging is compostable, made of 100% corn starch, and will break down in 300 days in a compostable environment. All this information can be found on Parade’s website under the ‘Our Manifesto’ tab and their FAQs section.

The new ‘Universal’ panties come in a wide range of styles and colors. There is truly a pair for everyone. Parade also features sizes XS to 3XL making them size-inclusive and able to fit most body types. All of the underwear in this line is seamless, meaning they will not show up underneath clothing- even leggings!

Parade is shifting the direction that fashion is going towards. Fashion can be sustainable, it can be inclusive, it can be slow. Generation Z has not yet quite killed fast fashion, but brands like Parade are making strides towards more social responsibility within the industry.