Meet Chi Ilochi of StylingbyChi

by Chi Ilochi

My passion for fashion started at about 7 years old. I always dressed in wacky clothes and prints, and most people teased me for how I dressed. As I grew older I began to realize that most people put down what has potential or value. A person's choice to ridicule you for who and what you are isn’t a reflection of you, it’s a reflection of them and their pains.  From that revelation on I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. I knew I needed to put myself out there because I wanted all black girls and boys who are outcasts, to feel welcomed, represented, and included. If I can do it, they can do it too and they can do it better!

During this quarantine, and the stress fashion and style lovers find themselves under, I recommend stylists listen to Brittany Diego’s Podcast “The Fashion School Dropout”, it’s AMAZING and very inspirational and informative. I also recommend stylists try virtual styling, virtual styling sessions, consultations, studying their field of styling, creating vision boards of what they want, who they want to work with, and how they envision themselves after this quarantine is over. It’s transformative and it works!