Meet the Girls, Gays, and Theys Reclaiming Bimbo Culture

by Madison Paloski

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Instagram: @chrissychlapecka

“Bimbos” in the media have always had the spotlight, but never usually for the right reasons. Bill Clinton was reported as using the word frequently to describe women who appeared vapid and very attractive. According to Urban Dictionary, a bimbo can be described as “a stupid, egotistic blonde, usually with big breasts who wears loads of makeup.” While the word has always come with negative connotations, there has been an influence of women reclaiming the word, and becoming famous for it.

The latest to rise in (Tik Tok) stardom has been 21-year-old Chrissy Chlapecka. Many of her videos on the platform, which she shares with her 3.5 million followers, speak about important political and social matters, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, the LBTQIA+ community, being pro-choice, and being pro-sex work all while in a high-pitch ditsy voice and tight pink clothing.

Some of her infamous quotes include: “Are you a leftist who likes to have your tits out? Do you like to flick off pro-lifers? Then this is the place for you. Are you good at math? Are you good at reading? Well, then if you are, how?” showing that Chlapecka is anything less than stupid.

Although there are mixed reviews on the way she presents herself, that is literally the point. Chlapecka claims she often uses the “bimbo” aesthetic to promote feminism and empower others that being hot does not lessen your self-worth. Even with the backlash, Chlapecka now has a career. What started as a tabloid mainstream comment to trash women, this misogynistic shorthand has become a whole beautiful pink fantasy land affectionately titled ‘BimboTok’ on the app Tik Tok. According to Rolling Stone, Chlapecka is leading the charge to transform the bimbo into an all-inclusive, gender-neutral leftist icon for ‘girls, gays, and theys’.

Gen Z has found themselves leaning into this ideology in a very aspirational way and content creators are taking notice. Danish model and sex worker, Alicia Amira, markets herself on Instagram as the “founder of the bimbo movement” and has gained an incredible following and coin since.

“Being this gorgeous isn’t hard, all you have to do is step on Republicans and Homophobes.”

Although there is also the term “himbo” that has been circling around since the 80s to describe a ‘beefy, kind, and stupid’ male, according to GQ, bimbo is becoming the more all-inclusive term for more to relate to. Another influencer, Griffin Maxwell Brooks, proves that reclaiming bimbo culture isn’t just for women. The 19-year-old who describes themselves as a ‘non-binary bimbo’ has a following with upwards of 31.4k followers on Instagram and is continuously seen wearing glittery mesh tops, high-heeled boots, makeup, and constantly changing colorful hair. According to Brooks, for them, bimbofication has been a way to subvert traditional expectations associated with gender and sexuality.

Rolling Stone reports that Brooks says, “The modern bimbo aesthetic is more about a state of mind and embracing, ‘I want to dress however I want and look hot and not cater to your expectations.” They followed up saying, “There’s a lot of internalized homophobia in the gay community. In adopting this very feminine aesthetic at times, one of the things I had to do was be OK with no longer fitting this mold so some gay men will not be attracted to me.”

While promoting this aesthetic can be a way to promote individuality, Gen Z is not the first to take part in marketing this. The most well-known of bimbos include Paris Hilton, who dominated the early 2000s with her style, attitude, and looks. According to The Telegraph, the Simple Life’ star has claimed that her image as a “spoilt airhead” is false and she is really a deep thinker with artistic tendencies.

She said, “I was playing a character. The producers said they wanted Nicole and me just to be crazy and funny and say outlandish things.” The hotel heiress-turned-celebrity saw the opportunity to entertain and hiding behind the “dumb blonde” aesthetic, was able to market her public persona to create her own wealth and make a name for herself, making her one of the most iconic people of the early 2000s.

Bimbo culture has become an important staple in the feminist movement. The idea of reclaiming the word, instead of catering to the negative implications, allows Gen Z to truly be unapologetically them. ‘BimboTok’ proves to be a step in the right direction to promote hyper-femininity and hypersexuality. And remember, in the wise words of Chrissy Chlapecka: “Being this gorgeous isn’t hard, all you have to do is step on Republicans and Homophobes!”

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