Mid-Size Influencers are Taking Over Tik Tok- and We Love It

If you’re on the fashion side of TikTok or YouTube, you may have seen the trend “Is it an Outfit or is She Just Skinny?” where curvier girls try on the outfits of popular celebrities and influencers and see if they actually look good on a “real” person. Although these videos are usually meant to be light hearted, the reasoning behind them is not-- a lot of very popular fashion styles are simply unwearable or unflattering on most people. Considering that the average size of an American woman is a 14/16, the fact that many of the most popular fashion influencers seem to be a 2/4 is disheartening to many girls and young women who look up to them for fashion inspiration but don’t fit into those sizes. At the same time, many people in this size category don’t necessarily fit into Plus-sized clothing. Lately, mid-sized TikTokers have been taking over everyone’s FYP and sharing clothes that will work for more “average”-sized bodies. Here are a few of our favorites and how they’ve been paving the way for mid-sized fashion.

Curve TikToker and Model Remi Jo Bader (@remibader) has gone viral with her hilarious “Realistic Haul” videos, where she tries on and reviews clothes from all kinds of popular brands such as Urban Outfitters, Zara, Aerie, Nasty Gal, and more as a size 14/16. Remi points out in one of her TikTok hauls that often even other curvy influencers will only show the clothes from their hauls that do look good on them and omit the ones that didn’t. This creates the allusion that all influencers look amazing in every single piece they try on regardless of their size, while almost everyone knows from experience that this is simply not the reality of online shopping. Remi is totally honest in all of her TikTok try-ons, unafraid to admit when the clothes don’t flatter her, won’t zip up, or she just looks a little ridiculous in them. She adds an element of humor to the videos which gives the viewer a sense of relief to know that they aren’t alone when their online orders come in and don’t fit them perfectly. Remi’s recent viral Free People haul where she tries styling outfits shown on models on their website is sure to give you a laugh!

Another amazing Mid-size TikTok influencer is Dani French (@daniwithlove). Dani has a very classy, neutral aesthetic on her Instagram feed and she creates some amazing outfits that work for Mid- and Plus-size bodies. In one of her TikToks, Dani explains the struggle for Mid-sized girls and women: “I define mid-size as not being able to fit the biggest size in standard-sized clothing, but you can’t quite fit the smallest size in plus-sized clothing, so you’re kind of in-between… for me, the term highlights the more nuanced issues we have in terms of size inclusivity and brands missing the mark on sizing bodies, in general.” Dani even explains that the term “Mid-size” is something fairly new that she heard after joining TikTok. She also does a great job at sharing other curvy creators that she follows to help grow the mid-size fashion community on the app. Some of her best videos include her monochrome and tonal OOTW’s and showing different ways she styles basic pieces.

“Virtual Hype Girl” Raeann Langas (@raeannlangas) is another curvy blogger and TikToker who brings motivation and inspiration to the mid-size TikTok community. In one of her videos, she preaches, “By saying, ‘You’re not curvy or fat or chubby, you’re beautiful,’ you’re saying that being fat, curvy or chubby is not beautiful. This is just feeding into the narrative that you have to be skinny to be desirable in the eyes of society… people try to say this as a compliment, but we just have to stop.” Raeann’s style is also fairly ahead of mainstream fashion and she’s always early to reviewing trends and pieces that many other mid-size influencers haven’t tried yet.

Mac Rose (@officialmacrose) is a size 12/14 New York City-based fashion stylist who has also been blowing up on TikTok and YouTube. Mac has tons of reviews of various trendy pieces and how they will work for mid-sized bodies. She also gives secret tips on how to style clothes that she and other mid-size people might have insecurities about, like corsets and mini skirts. Mac also has a wonderful weekly series of TikToks where she gives tips on “How to Find Your Personal Style for Any Body.” In this series, Mac gives professional advice to viewers on break down their wardrobes and figure out the best style that will make them feel the most confident and comfortable. Mac’s TikToks make being fashionable more approachable and easy for mid-sized people.

The mid-size influencers on TikTok have essentially coined a new term for people who feel stuck between straight and plus-sizing. Having a representation of all body sizes in the fashion community is extremely important to making fashion and styling accessible to all people. The idea that being skinny is the only way to look fashionable is going out of style, as more and more mid-size influencers show up on our FYP’s. In this way, TikTok is an amazing app to make people feel seen and represented when they may not have been previously in the fashion world.