Novatines' 'Honey' is Anything but Sweet

Despite its decadent name, Bath, UK based Novatines’ latest release is anything but sweet. At just over two minutes long, ‘Honey’ is a quick gut punch commentating on throw-away culture and seeing through quick fads. The song starts with grungy guitars and drums while mixing in an unmistakably 70s rock vibe. In the style of seeing through the b.s the lyrics hit straight to the point.

“You play it loud, play it loud but that inʼt your sound/ and itʼs alright honey, honey/ and itʼs alright,” sings lead singer Jamie Beale.

Fast and repetitive ‘Honey’ takes you to the mosh pit at your local rock venue, where you can’t help but shake your head and jump around. With inspiration ranging from The Beatles to Foo Fighters Novatines go back to the basics while still keeping things fresh. This no-nonsense hit is the rush of adrenaline is the world so desperately needs.

Honey is available today via SaySomething Records and is on all major music platforms.

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