Creations by A.D. Astra

by A.D. Astra

Sitting on the throne/ On the throne all alone/ I’m the king of the world!/ Or maybe just my own/ Honestly, I don’t really know/ ‘Cause I try so hard to show/ That I still have my glow/ Even though/ That shine stopped long ago/ Now I’m just another John Doe// And my throne/ It is my home/ Just another shiny metaphor/ For feelings I’m no/ longer looking for/ And tears that I’ve shed before/ Salt crystallizes, and takes another form/ I am sure/ That this rhythm goes/ Wherever I go/ Following the same flow/ That makes sure I don’t stay afloat// -a.d. The piece is about trying to convince yourself that you’re okay and eventually just becoming so detached from the emotions that you were hiding that you now don’t really know what you feel. 

I am a 15-year-old photographer, filmmaker, and writer. I like to create inspired by the things around me and my own experiences. You can find more of my work on my Instagram, @gxldench1ld

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