Rebel Girl Maquire

by K027

Maquire is a passion project of mine, she is my original character drawn in anime-style with bold colors, completed with a sassy and wild personality. She shows the world her own form of rebellion against social norms but unlike most rebellious stereotypes that spray public walls and kick trashcans, she instead encourages people to embrace originality and be confident and vocal about what they want. She believes everyone has a desire to "rebel" from various things from their life even if it's just a simple matter!

Maquire is a female teenager with bunny ears. She has high agility and can sense people's emotions and being empathetic with them. Her words are kind but she usually doesn't mean it, one of her weaknesses. Her hobby is working out. She is also a vegetarian.

Here she is featured in:

Love Warrior

People are usually afraid to love because they say "love hurts", "love makes me sad" etc. Here I want to show to the world that I am not afraid to love; to show my love to the world wherever and whenever.

2. Voice Injustice

I choose this particular mask design by Indonesian local brand Package by Venus because I want Maq's actual mouth show despite wearing a mask (because..Covid..). Here I want to say to people not afraid to speak up and stay safe during this pandemic!

3. Ally

This strong image is a representation of Maquire as a character and a brand that supports LGBTQ!

For more, check out K027's Instagram @maquiremqr.