Small Business Spotlight: Feminine Fly on COVID-19, Tik Tok, and Pussies

Described as “A bad bxtches favorite spot for functional art pieces,” Feminine Fly started as a therapeutic, COVID-19 thought-free outlet for Kelsie Daniels-Jackson (she/they), a recent graduate from Lasell University. After a few Instagram DMs responding to pieces from her school’s ceramics class, she realized that her once private art form started to take movement and more people started requesting her durable, functional, and captivating sculptural pieces.

As stated on her website, Feminine Fly is all about creating pieces that mirror feminine energy and traditionally feminine qualities, while making each piece fly in its own way in terms of design and customization. She states that her goal is to create art that you live with, not just look at, with all pieces being made to last.

Upon diving into her site, you can see that Daniels-Jackson sports ashtrays, jewelry dishes, and incense holders; however, every DSL, butt, monotitty, and pussy can be seen as a “catch-all” item, making it fully functional for all every-day purposes.

When asked about her inspiration behind the pieces, she laughed and said, “I really have no idea. One day while making my friends gag gift ashtrays for Christmas, my one friend asked for one with titties on it. I thought it was a cool idea and when people saw them on Instagram, many boasted about how interesting they were.”

She says she likes to make designs that she thinks people will find interesting while mixing it with aspects that she is drawn to.

“I definitely want to branch out to more artistic ventures, but I really enjoy that with the products I put out it really normalizes the body parts that society tries to censor. My family members have seen them and would say, ‘Ew do you have a vagina obsession?’ and it’s, they are just body parts.”

One thing Daniels-Jackson finds herself doing often is researching her concepts and ideas on the Internet. The one thing she notices every time is that they aren’t anywhere else.

She said, “That’s the one thing I pride myself on as a small business and something that really differentiates me from the competition I feel.”

Although many of her ideas are unique, she still finds herself researching other artists online as much as possible to not only try to source ideas and find inspiration but to also see what sells and what people are interested in right now.

Daniels-Jackson shyly admitted that one of her biggest guilty pleasures at the moment is Tik Tok since it’s the #1 place for artists and small businesses right now. She uses the app to find inspiration, other sculpture artists, and leverage traffic for her brand.

Not shy about her love for the products she’s created, Daniels-Jackson gushed about her favorite item she’s made so far, her avocado ashtray.

“It’s ironic because I’m allergic to avocados, but I do love avocados,” Daniels-Jackson joked. “I haven’t had an avocado in years but I’m living through it through the ashtray. I debated on selling it but I was like ‘you know what, this one is for me’.”

Out of the items sold on her website, however, she says her favorite is the pussy holders, and it’s something that has seemed to become a fan-favorite as well.

Daniels-Jackson is a one-woman team when it comes to her brand. From coding to making the graphics, photography, and designing the products, Daniels-Jackson does it all.

“It’s just me,” she says. “I tell everyone I’m really proud of it because I taught myself how to code in middle school for Tumblr. It’s so embarrassing but has really paid off. I’m living my seventh-grade fantasy.”

A recent graduate, Daniels-Jackson just scored the sought-after “big-girl job” so Feminine Fly will be put on the back burner for now, but becoming TikTok famous is high on the agenda. She thinks this downtime from making products will really help her in pursuing more promotional and social media matters for the brand.

You can shop Feminine Fly on their website, their Instagram @femininefly, and you can stay up to date with Kelsie Daniels-Jackson through her Instagram @_welsie.