Stupid Love

by Fairley Lloyd

Like a dung beetle I can’t swat away

Like a politician, you played your games

Chess or solitaire, I don’t care which

But it was clear I didn’t know it

You walked in my life with such a flair

So confident; it wasn’t fair

You told me things and showed me your love

But I had no given you enough

An expert in oceanography,

You swept me away like the blue sea

Unveiled my secrets from deep within

You looked into my exoskeleton

My walls broke down, just for you

I asked for your word, and you gave it through

Closer than ever, hand in hand

For once, I thought someone would understand

But you broke that promise, tore it apart

I began unraveling from the start

They saw everything, the clean and the mess

All of me, without consent, confessed

I begged you to stop,

But you said you would not

You were amused by my panic

That gleam in your eye was so manic

You acted innocent, like someone you’re not

And I fell for it; I gave you a shot

But when I found out that you were a fake

The damage had been done; it was too late