Sweet Devil

As seen in Issue 4, available now!

by Millicent Scott

It was after the party and

I was watching him,

stood red and glowering like a

cherry tree in bloom

under technicolour dream

hot disco lights.

I want to know, tell me why

when you dance your skin ripples

like the tide or an oak, creaking

but I saw the horns, the amphibious smile

and I thought, yes,

he’ll do nicely.

I have been watching you tonight

and I know what you are -

you make the drains gurgle

and flowers wilt,

raw as Mars

bold as brass

the dead eyes of the shark in the tank.

I am not scared even of your shadow,

stood in the doorway

the hallway

of my parents’ house, seeing you in candle light

I say

‘come in, wipe your feet’

I know what you are

pretty thing, sweet devil

and you never needed the disguise