The Elixer for Happiness

by Simran Pandey

the day she stepped down from the airplane,

the day she embarked upon her new journey,

was the day she gave up everything she once had:

her freedom, her family, her culture, her life.

yet she set forth, for love, for

her future kids, for their kids--

not for herself. never for herself.

selfless she remains, an idol to me.

now, as i watch her sigh slowly in the mornings,

drinking a cup of chai to connect with her home,

i wonder if she has any regrets as the changes in her life

inure her to the paradox that is life

i watch quietly as she laughs loudly,

her laughter a mask for the sadness

that hides deep within her, hurting her

day after day: there is no remedy

i wonder about her choices; why choose

to suffer quietly while the people

around you live a life that

is as mellifluous as a bird’s song

i see her everyday, watch her, look on,

admiring her selflessness that shows

off her beautiful languor,

ripping her away from the home she always knew.

if there was


an elixir

for happiness:

i would rip apart the earth

to give it to her.

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