The How-To Guide For a Hot (Vaccinated) Girl Summer

by Ynessa Rhodes

As seen in our fifth print issue "Summer Heat", available now!

For all the Pfizer princesses and Moderna mamis. It’s been a rough year and a half, and now the world’s re-opening to the most anticipated summer in a long time. Here are 10 things you can do while adjusting to the new old normal.


Even if you can’t travel abroad, you can still go to a different city and become the mysterious main character type of your dreams sitting in the corner of their local coffee shop.

Re-download those dating apps.

Or let’s be honest, just open them again. Whether you dated during the pandemic or not (Not judging. It was lonely out there.) Now you can meet new people without the fear of a kiss sending anyone to the hospital.

Pick up a new hobby.

You might have less free time now, but you also have more hobbies to choose from that were near impossible to perfect while stuck inside.

Join (or start) a club.

The only thing better than your favorite thing in the world is meeting people who also love said things. There are so many different organizations and groups within communities, and now is the time to join and meet new people. On the flip side, you can also start a club. You’re not the only one who loves that one obscure movie from the 90s with the chicken foot.

Become more politically active.

The pandemic has opened people’s eyes to the injustices in our world, and we shouldn’t stop now that we have more free time to pay attention to other things. Find ways to help even the community near you. Caring about others is the ultimate hot girl activity.

Club. Bus. Another club.

Everyone’s covid comfort level is different with good reason. And we should all take precautions to protect the most vulnerable amongst us. But with that being said, if you’re healthy, vaccinated, and have been wearing your mask dutifully for the past year and a half - you deserve a post-covid weekend of partying.

Move to a new city.

It sounds dramatic and hasty, but you just survived a global pandemic. If there was a time to start a new life and completely shake things up - it’s now. You’ve also been stuck inside for the past year, so it’s not like you’ll miss your old favorite places any much more than you already do.

Hang out with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Whether they’re in the same city or hours away, there are some friendships that have had a hiatus - not because you chose to end them with the excuse of covid, but because covid put a halt on them. Especially those friends you were just getting to know before covid. Grab a drink and catch up with them.

Have a self-care day.

True, you were able to mid-pandemic, but take everything re-opening as a chance to start scheduling regular self-care days out in the world. Whether that looks like a spa day or taking an art class, do whatever you need to schedule some “me-time.” The pandemic might be close to over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop spending quality time with yourself.

Follow your f*cking dreams.

Corny, but whatever. This pandemic has made most people take a good, long hard look in the mirror. More than likely, everything that hasn’t led to your personal growth has been cut out from your life - or should be. It’s almost post-pandemic, if you’re looking for a sign - this is it.

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