The Opioid Epidemic as Told through Collage

by Bella Brooks

Bella Brooks has spent half her life in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the other half in White River Junction, Vermont. While she makes a variety of collages, a common theme throughout there art is a focus on the opioid epidemic. She draws upon her time in and personal connections to communities in Ohio and Vermont (two areas that have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic) to inform her work. Additionally, books such as Dreamland by Sam Quinones, If You Love Me by Maureen Cavanagh, Dopesick by Beth Macy, and Green Mountain Opium Eatersby Gary Shattuck, as well as news articles and documentaries on these subjects, influence her collages. Bella hopes that her collages help bring greater awareness to this epidemic and inspire others to inform themselves and take action. 

Find more of Bella's work through her Instagram, @bellamakescollages.