Through the Looking Glass

by Madison Paloski

Since the beginning of my photography career, Irving Penn has served as a huge inspiration for my work. I think he was one of the most prominent photographers for Vogue Magazine for a reason, and it’s because he had such a sharp eye and vision. This type of vision can’t be taught; it’s something you’re born with and something that I hope I one day can master. Photography can mean a lot for different people, but for me, photography is a way of portraying a dream or a fantasy, one of the many reasons I’m most drawn to the idealistic realm fashion photography can take you.

The title is of course from the famous Alice in Wonderland books created by Lewis Carroll and the glass inspiration was taken from Penn’s famous portraits titled, “Girl Behind Glass.” Although a weird combination, both Alice in Wonderland and Irving Penn play a huge part in my creative life and were both close to me since I was younger.

You can find more of Madison's work on her Instagram, @maddiiiooyx.

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