Triptych Photography with Sara Rentas

by Sara Rentas

My name is Rentas and I'm a student artist and dancer in Orlando, FL. I've called myself an artist since I was little, painting with tempera on old newspaper. Since then, I've studied art education and advertising-public relations at the University of Central Florida and art is my primary form of therapy and documentation. Through various media, I use art to understand my surroundings and circumstance


This triptych photography piece was, as much of our work is right now, inspired by our self-quarantining and isolation. As we transition to a world more focused on virtual communication than I previously thought possible, I feel trapped, but not physically. I'm guilted into FaceTime calls and Zoom meetings. I'm overwhelmed with notifications and self-care regimen I often don't care to read. I'm shaken with how quickly uncomfortable we are isolation, yet we're relentlessly pushed to produce with a grin. I invite you to think


Stuck in the web, we are only what we consume. We are only what we've seen and who we let touch us. We are only what we pretend to be. Are you what you pretend to be? Are you doing it well?