What Am I?

by Yuk Lam Chan


there is so much more to me, you see,

beyond the fragrant chrysanthemums, daffodils,

the sweet saccharose made by bees

the forest nymph, the handsome hunter

the former, deprived of free expression

the latter, vain, an arrogant character

I am the result of the depression and obsession

Long ago, linked with jealousy and envy

now, more often with jubilance and glee

I am the cap whispering "push down and turn",

the scissor musing over previous projects,

the little ducks on that lone sock

the cover, the collar, the liquor

like the sun enveloping us on a winter day

as much loved as hated

sometimes sour,

sometimes grated

Webster calls me "sometimes offensive...

...sensational or scandalous...

the ordinary...sensationally distorted..."




simply outrageous!

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