What Does It Mean to Be in the Age of Influence?

When you think of the age of influence, what do you think of? More often than not the first elements to pop into your head are celebrities and influencers of the sort. Many people pining over trends and fads laid out by people on Instagram with a couple hundred thousand followers, or maybe unattainable fashion companies promoting a lifestyle you so badly want to be a part of.

The age of influence? I suggest the age of imitation. These people copying these trends laid out on social media overproduced by thousands of people without an ounce of their own creativity spread into the mix. Everything has already been produced and overproduced.

The age of influence? I suggest the age of isolation. I suggest that due to these pressing times it forces the human race to take a step back and breathe. That this isolation will slow everyone down and provide a much-needed dive into their selves where they can come out better people- individual people.

So, I ask, what age do you want to be a part of? And what age will you find yourself coming out of?