Yes, I am a fashion major. No, that does not make me vapid.

by Madison Paloski

Fall of my senior year I sat in a job interview with the Dean of the University for an on-campus opportunity. She started interviewing me and as soon as the question “What is your major?” came up, the expression on her face changed. A few degrading comments from her later, you could tell her mind was already made up about me despite everything else.

Throughout my college career, whenever someone asked me what I study in school and I responded with “fashion” they stare at me with contempt.

“Oh, fashion majors have it really easy.”

“You must never have homework!”

“What can you even do with that after graduation?”

These are the sentences I hear almost daily.

I have always been high in my class ranking, in accelerated math and science classes, and have had straight A’s for as long as I can remember. However, I have also been creative as long as I can remember, whether it be sketching, painting, photography, or upcycling clothes. I always balanced these two sides of my brain for quite some time, until it came down to choosing my career path and the right side won out. I am very confident in my decision and have never once questioned it. Why do people decide it is their right to question it for me?

I am a very hard worker to the point where I make myself insane. My career path in a creative field should not be a reason to undermine that. I am 21 years old and have had my photography and fashion styling work published in multiple print publications, online Italian Vogue, and a new possibility for a cover issue. What other 21-year-olds can say this?

Most times in my classes, gen ed or fashion, I am the only one in the room who knows how to work any Adobe software. Also, I love to read AND write. My love of the fashion world doesn’t change any of this. I promise I’m not a ditz.

So please, get to know me first before you make your assumptions. I have more to offer than just fashion advice.