Young People Are the Future of Fashion- and this Year‘s Met Gala Hosts Are Here to Prove It

Thanks to an article from Page Six and a nonchalant Instagram post from Timmy Chalamet himself, it’s safe to say we know who the co-hosts of the 2021 Met Gala will be. Showing a photo of the infamous Met steps, photos of Amanda Gorman, Billie Eilish, and Naomi Osaka, respectively, and topping it all off with a poor quality car selfie with no caption, Chalamet confirms the rumors that these 25 and under individuals will be leading the event.

All of the co-hosts have been gaining attention for their powerful fashion choices throughout their professional careers so it is to no surprise that these are the selects. Movie- screen heartthrob Chalamet is constantly making headlines for his red carpet looks, Tennis star Osaka shows how stylish athletes can be on and off the court, Gorman’s ensemble at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and her recent Vogue cover, has made her top talk, and Eilish is constantly pushing the boundaries of what a pop star should wear and look like. However, what is most notable is the age of each co-host. In fact, Eilish is making history as the youngest co-host in Met Gala history.

“Eilish’s willingness to embrace an aesthetic as innovative as her music has pushed emerging brands into the limelight and challenged old rules about how a pop star should dress,” Vogue said about Eilish.

The Met Gala, which was canceled last year due to the pandemic, is making a comeback on Sept. 13 with the theme “American Independence”. Although many fashion critics were skeptical of such a geo-centralized theme, especially in this political climate, this theme could prove a way to shed light on emerging and young American designers (and we’re hoping for a display of American BIPOC designers as well). The industry is no doubt changing with Gen Z leading the new wave, so this announcement of these four co-chairs only proves this point further.

Vogue commented Each of the Met’s four cohosts embodies the defining factor of American style: individualism. They may approach the concept differently, but their shared passion for expressing themselves through clothing connects with the exhibition’s theme. Chalamet, Eilish, Osaka, and Gorman have all developed a distinct visual language for their public persona, one that is informed by the legacy of iconic fashion made in the USA.”

The Met exhibit will still be on view accompanying the Gala but will open in two parts. “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” is set to start on Sept. 18, and “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” opens on May 5, 2022.